Campus Modernization

Completed February 2010

Established in 1973, Del Rio Elementary School was an aging school comprised of poorly located relocatable buildings and trailers removed and/or demolished during modernization. One building remained to be renovated and re-purposed as a multipurpose room with state-of-the-art kitchen facilities. In addition, this 14-acre site has been completed redesigned with all new buildings spaciously placed. Reorienting the school’s layout resulted in a new main entrance from North River Road. Four kindergarten and special education preschool classrooms with separate access and parking lot, 18 regular classrooms, a new library, student services building, restrooms, and play fields surround a central core amphitheater for assemblies and special events. The school is located adjacent the Melba Bishop Park and Recreation Center, which provides additional recreational facilities. Funded by Proposition G and H.